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Environmental Pollutants inspection

Environmental pollutants are substances that can cause direct or indirect harm for human. This kind of substance gets changed after into the environment. It mainly include various chemicals produced during the daily life activities and production of human, and some others released from nature, such as gas and dust from volcanic eruptions.

With the highly development of industry, the problems of environmental pollution have become increasingly prominent. When requiring high quality standard of living, people also increase concern for environmental pollution. Jieke detection will provide the following testing services of environmental pollutants:

polychlorinated biphenyls PCBs in aquatic products

benzo (α) pyrene  in grease and food

maldehyde, cresol, toluene for food and packaging 

Water methyl isobutyl alcohol Mainz, soil fishy vegetarian

Allergic substance detection


Food can provide energy and a variety of nutrients to humans, and is one of the substances that human live on. But for those who are allergic, can it can cause a strong reaction after the ingestion of certain foods, and sometimes even lead to shock or death. Food allergy problems should gain widespread public concern.

Jieke detection is dedicated to pay attention to and satisfy the allergic substance detection needs of the public and enterprises, thus reducing the risk caused by food allergy.



test items

Allergenic substances

Eggs, milk, wheat, buckwheat, peanuts, shellfish, soy, etc.

Virus Detection        

Virus is widely distributed in nature, and it can infect bacteria, fungi, plants, animals and humans, often causing host disease.
Jieke adopts real-time PCR detection technology to offer you two virus detection services.



Food packaging hygiene inspection 

With the rapid development of the packaging industry, increasingly clear requirements for packaging materials are increasingly clear, especially in the field of food packaging, which is gaining more and more attention from all sectors of society.

Jieke detection can provide you with a full range of food packaging hygiene testing services.


 test items

Food Packaging Hygiene

Evaporation residue 1: Water 60 ℃

Evaporation residue 2: 4% acetic acid 60 ℃

Evaporation residue 3:65% ethanol at room temperature

Evaporation residue 4: n-hexane at room temperature

Consumption of potassium permanganate

Heavy metals (Pb)

Decolorization test


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