Jieke Introduction

Yantai Jieke Inspection Service Co., Ltd. is established in September 2007, formerly known as the detection center of Longda Foodstuff Group Co., Ltd. The company, covering about 1,000 square meters, is situated along the roadside of Yantai-Qingdao first-grade highway(204 national highway) with convenient transportation and nice environment. The company is specialized in inspection of food safety which mainly supplies all-around safety inspection for Longda Group from raw materials to finished products. The annual inspection sample arrived more than 140,000.

▲Pesonnel condition:

Now there are 53 experienced testing technicians, including 33 persons with bachelor degree or above, 8postgraduates, 7intermediate engineers. 1 senior engineer,More than 90% persons are college degree or above. The company attaches much importance to the improvement of technicians’ abilities, regularly sends the outstanding staffs to receive on-job postgraduate education and regularly sends outstanding staffs to participate in testing technology training in Japan.


The company have fully furnished high-tech apparatus in testing with a total investment of more than 40 million yuan. Main testing equipments includes LC-MS(3 sets)、GC-MS(3 sets)、GC(2 sets)、LC(3 sets)、atomic fluorescence、atomic absorption、ion chromatography、ICP-MS、real-time fluorescent quantitative PCR、Mini Vidas、MDS、GPC, spectrophotometer、ELIASA and other medium-sized equipments for more than 200 sets (suits).


At present, the company can carry out the index detection a total of 7 categories of 1059, containing pesticide residues (657), veterinary medicine(175), food additives and illegal additives (62), routine physical, chemical and nutrition (52), microorganisms (27), environmental pollutants and biotoxins (41), Heavy metals, biotoxins and other types (45 )items.

▲R&D Ability:

The company have specialized R&D department to ensure testing project updated continiously. The company maintains annual project cooperation with the CAIQ, SGCIQ, YTCIQ and other official testing agencies, in addition, Jiangnan University, Shandong Agricultural University, Shandong Academy of Agricultural Sciences and other research institutes. The company has many achievements including publishing more than 20 papers sucessessively in "Chromatography", "Food Science" and other authoritative journals, participating in drawing up five industry standards, amending one national mandatory standard, obtaining five invention patents and one provincial certificate for scientific and technological achievement, presiding over one the national-level Spark Program Project and one provincial innovation fund for small and medium-sized technology-based firms, joining in compling one teaching material about the 12th Five-Year Plan, etc.. 

▲Development history:

Longda Foodstuff Group Inspection Center established in 2002;

Approved by the China National Accreditation Laboratory Council(CNAL) in March 2004;

Becoming the Model Laboratory of USA Agilent Company in January 2005 ;

Becoming the Food Microbiology Model Laboratory of French Biomerieux Company in April 2005;

Establishing a Joint Model Laboratory with the USA 3M Enterprise in June 2007;

Evaluated as the Regional Agricultural Exports Inspecetion Center of Shandong Province in October 2007;

Evaluated as Shandong Small and Medium-sized EnterprisePublic Service Platform in December 2007;

Getting through the site assessment of laboratory qualification verification (CMA) in May 2008;

As social accreditation of laboratory testing capacity by Shandong Entry-exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau in August 2008;

Granted the title of “national certified enterprise technology center” by the NDRC and other central five ministries in November 2010;

Introducing LIMS ( lab information management system) to realize paperless office in December 2011,

Getting  through the identification of Shandong “high technology enterprise” in December 2013;


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