Advantages in Inspection:

Lean inspection management:
As an enterprise laboratory, it is the first batch recoginized by the CNAS (in 2004). Passed CMA on-site review in 2016,Meanwhile, it has got through the Japanese JFIC inspection and multiply passed the check of enterprise laboratory by the USA general Mills, Baisheng, etc.

 ◆Adopting lab imformation management system (LIMS) to realize paperless office, and making the test data in time, safety and traceability.Develop Mylims system for customers to facilitate remote sample delegation and result inquiry.

 ◆Clean and bright inspection environment, rational layout of the inspection aera, clear division of the inspection departments, and closed-loop testing process management.

Professional technical team:
 ◆Owning Abundant practical experience and offering service for leading export enterprises for more than 15 years.
 ◆Proficient in inspection methods, completing more than 140,000 samples inspection precisely per year.
 ◆Sending technicians to Japanese detection institution for special training many times, most understanding Japanese method and limited.

Leading R&D team:
 ◆Having specialized R&D department, firstly facing the food safety incidents such as Japanese Positive List, Sudan Red, poisoned dumplings, melamine, clenbuterol, instant chicken, etc.
 ◆Publishing many academic thesis, involving in the formulation of national standard and line marked, obtaining many patents for invention, and presiding over many scientific research projects at national level and provincial level, etc.
 ◆Focusing on solving the pratical problems in production and develpoing directional testing service accoring to the client’s demand.
Advanced inspection equipments:
 ◆Having many top-level facilities, for example: Liquid Waters Xevo TQ-Xs, Waters Xevo TQ-S, Agilent UHPLC 1290-6490, temperament Agilent 7890B-7000C, Waters Quattro micro GC, Agilent 6890N-5975B, Ion Chromatograph ICS-5000, Agilent 7800 ICP-MS, PCR Roche LightCycler -480II, etc. Moreover, there are large quantities of mainstream devices and high& mid device matches with high accuracy.

 ◆In order to deal with foreign stringent limits, our equipment is at least not less than the level of trade on their official quarantine agency, ahead of other companies in the industry. 

Perfect quality control: 
 ◆A special QC department is responsible for the effective implementation of laboratory quality control program, evaluating the effect of quality control and ensuring accurate results.
 ◆Participating in the annual authoritative validation comparison with FAPAS, ERA, JFIC, CNAS, and qualifying in external validation up to now.

 ◆Making extensive inter-laboratory comparison with the third testing organization (Sino Analytica, China Test, SGS, etc.) and guaranteeing the first-level standard in this industry.

Fastest information:
 ◆Establishing special intelligence gathering department to master domestic and overseas food safety information for the first time.

 ◆Providing the latest information of all kinds to the clients by relying on the leading export enterprises to be familiar with the limited standards of various countries.

High-quality dectection service:
 ◆Saving cost by scale effect, affering the highest cost- effective inspection services in this industry.
 ◆Customized detectioin service, make inspeciton scheme according to client’s demand.

 ◆One-stop service, strive to supply integrated solutions to clients.

Shortest detection service:
 ◆Give full consideration to the acceptance of raw materials, processing, delivery and other aspects of the case urgently needed, meet the temporary needs of clients and ensure the industry's shortest delivery.
 ◆Open all year round, 24 hours on duty, providing the industry's shortest test period.


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